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Moments by Annalene Photography

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I am Annalene, the owner of Moments by Annalene Photography. Travel, cats and photography are the loves of my life! Photography was my hobby and I am lucky enough that it became my profession. I chose to specialise in people photography (portraits, wedding and lifestyle) as I find the human form and range of emotions a fascinating subject.

Everyone hates having their photo taken! It is invasive and usually the results are less than pleasing. With lots of training and experience I have found ways to get past the resistance, find the right angle, and ways to make personality shine through. As I result I cannot be too serious when working with people!

My work consists of weddings and studio work. Weddings are an adventure with costumes, ceremony, expectations and high emotions. As an objective observer I am part of the story from start to end. I love to tell the story of a wedding in photos.

In the studio I photograph kids, babies, families, models and fashion. I built my studio at home, and currently have an array of equipment to make artistic images.


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